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 2013-14 Listener Response Data Cloud

Each year, KHSU compiles members' responses to the question: "What's your favorite program?" Your responses during pledge drives and in mail replies are counted and used to help guide the station when making programming decisions.

This year, we wanted to show you the data. Here's a visualization of the 617 responses (so far) in 2013-14. The larger the word, the more responses. Each program or word is repeated twice to help fill up the shape, so look for the largest version of the program.

An interactive version of the image is here. This version allows you to see the program named by "mousing over" it in the image.

Responses taken from KHSU member pledge forms and reply cards and tabulated by KHSU Experience interns Nathaniel Williams, Isabella Vanderheiden and Natalya Estrada



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 2013-14 Listener Response Data
Compiled from 617 responses taken from KHSU member pledge forms and reply cards in Fall 2013,
December 2013 and Spring 2014. Tabulated by KHSU Experience interns Nathan Williams,
Isabella Vanderheiden and Natalya Estrada
Democracy Now 121
Morning Edition & All Things Considered 237
Weekend Edition 44
BBC 18
This American Life 132
Car Talk 87
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me 193
A Way with Words 51
Prairie Home Companion 72
Fresh Air 94
Music 19
Classical 59
Folk 7
Jazz 46
World 4
Blues 10
local news & events 2
AfroPop Worldwide 8
Alternative Therapy 2
American Routes 11
Bioneers 8
Buck Calhoun Show 3
California Report 9
City Arts & Lectures 26
Concious Contact Gospel Hour 1
Eco News 10
Ethnic Excursions 14
Fogou 17
Funky Junction 6
Go for Baroque 11
Gone Sides 7
Gus Mozart's Music Box 7
Homepage 18
Hot Circles with Boy Wonder 4
Keys to the Highway 33
Le Show 8
the Moth 2
Mughouse Jazz 1
Pastime with Good Company 3
Radiolab 41
Redwood Earlines & Whippy Dip Radio 5
Reggae Jamdown 19
Sabor Latino 7
Sista's Place 38
TGIF Classics 1
Thistle and Shamrock 13
Thursday Night Talk 8
Through Eyes of Women 7
Folklife Woodshed 6
The World 14
Your Saving Grace 12

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