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KHSU's FY13/14 operating budget is approximately $946,000.

Humboldt State University (HSU) provides approximately 20% of KHSU’s cash revenue, with another 20% coming from public funds, such as grants through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). HSU also provides facilities and other significant administrative in-kind support for station operations.

The CPB is a private, nonprofit corporation funded by the American people. CPB distributes grants to qualified public broadcasters with funds appropriated and authorized by Congress.

Contributions from listeners, businesses and local organizations account for the remaining 60% of the station's annual operating budget.

Annual National Programming Costs - Fiscal Year 13/14

Total Annual Cost for National Programming: $181,208
National Public Radio (NPR) - $145,789
Public Radio International (PRI) - $19,121
All Things Considered

 $17,753 Afropop Worldwide

Morning Edition
 This American Life $1,812
Car Talk
 The World $6,259
Fresh Air
 PRI Affiliation Fee $10,378
Thistle and Shamrock $2,199 
Radiolab $2,265American Public Media (APM) - $5,000
Digital Services $1,800 A Prairie Home Companion $5,000

Other Program Acquisition Fees - $7,332
Other Programming Related Costs - $ 5,940
American Routes
Democracy Now! from Pacifica Radio
 $5,050 Playlists (Spinitron)
 National Native News  $600 Streaming (Streamguys)
 Public Radio Exchange
  $682 CDs & Production Materials  $500




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Audited Financial Statements


Detailed information about station revenue & expenditures is in our audited financial statements. These can be accessed via the following links. Hard copies are available upon request for a small copying and/or mailing fee.





Compensation Disclosures:

KHSU has no employees who meet the IRS definition of a "key employee" who receives reportable compensation of more than $150,000 per year.

KHSU does not have any IRS-defined highly compensated employees who receive reportable compensation of more than $100,000 per year.

KHSU has engaged no independent contractors who received more than $100,000 of compensation.