Music Submission

  • KHSU prefers music in its complete form: mixed, mastered, with tracklisting and full cover art.
  • Physical copies are strongly preferred
  • Please indicate any profanity, indecency and/or obscenity (FCC non-compliant) on the recording. 
  • Audio files (mp3, WAV, etc.) should be of the highest-available audio quality.
  • Links to streams typically do not get distributed to the airstaff.
  • Submissions sent via Facebook and Twitter will not be reviewed.
  • In general, KHSU does not play singles. 

Submissions will not be returned. Please include your contact information.

Address for physical submissions:
Mark Shikuma
Humboldt State University
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA
Digital submissions: 
Email files, links, and downloads to Mark Shikuma at If you seriously only have a digital-only release, please consider sending a CD in a regular jewel case with artwork and tracklisting.  
Thank you.