Geraldine Goldberg

How do you know what to trust? On this episode of Thursday Night Talk, learn how to read the news. Host Linda Stansberry talks with Ryan Burns of Lost Coast Outpost and Dan Squier of KINS News about the difference between journalism and sensationalism, and how to encourage media literacy.

You've got opinions. TNT has veteran campaign reporter Chuck Rogers. What's your take on Trump's first few weeks? 

Eric Kirk and Chuck Rogers discuss Executive Orders, Judicial nominees, and more. 

Linda Stansberry

Have you ever thought about creating a living around your passions? Linda Stansberry interviews the founder of a non-profit, a freelancer and an aspiring small business owner about the challenges and rewards of striking out on one's own.

"Big corporate owners really dominate our politics," says coal-country antipoverty activist Nic Smith told KHSU. "People in Appalachia have know that for a long time."

So why did so many rural working class voters sit out the election or vote for Donald Trump? Smith and Eric Kirk discuss the problem of classism in the American progressive movements. 

John Locher/AP, courtesy NPR

Nearly 100 years after the 19th Amendment gave U.S. Women the right to vote, Hillary Clinton has made history and now hopes to become President. 

Join host Brenda Starr on the next Thursday Night Talk where she and special guests will discuss the questions: "what took so long?" and discuss "how does this take women, the USA and the world forward?"  We'd like to hear your thoughts. Tune in and call in June 16 beginning at 7 pm.