Jessica Eden

Producer, Program and Operations Coordinator

Jessica Eden is a producer and photographer who loves public radio and the talented volunteers that make KHSU such a great community station. In addition to her work with KHSU, she has produced content for public media in Alaska, the Pacific Islands, and Australian public broadcasting. Jessica has worked as a field biologist in rural regions of Alaska, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Her time on the airwaves on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs, as the "seabird lady" and "fish guts lady", was the most memorable and enjoyable radio ever.  Jessica received her M.A. in Environment and Community studies, with a focus on Environmental Radio - exploring the confluence of people and place.

Ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro is returning to Humboldt County on December 10th. Born and raised in Hawaii, his musicianship on the uke is unparalleled.

Jake will be performing in the Van Duzer Theater on the Humboldt State University campus. 

Showtime: December 10,  8pm   


Ticket office: 707.826.3928

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell connects with Henry Robinson of Henry's Olives to talk about the art of curing gourmet, Mediterranean-style olives.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks with Joyce Houston and Chris Lewis about the upcoming Master Food Preserver course taught through the UC Cooperative Extension.


Humboldt State President Lisa Rossbacher discusses her recent trip to HSU's  Telonicher Marine Lab in Trinidad. Lisa and a visiting Trustee of the CSU spent time with a mariculture class at the lab.

Danielle Orr  and Doc Stull share their monthly discussion on great athletes and sport from the Americas and Caribbean and the intersection with popular culture and politics.

Food For Thought

On today's Food For Thought, Jennifer Bell joins Tom Wrigley at his Eureka apple orchard to discuss apple varieties and what it takes to grow 70 trees on a 1/2 acre property.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell discusses harvesting and processing salt with Bryon Duty of Pacific Flake, a new local sea salt company.


HSU President Lisa Rossbacher highlights a collaborative initiative called the Equity Alliance of the North Coast.  This region-wide effort seeks to develop a more welcoming and supportive community -- the goal is to increase inclusion in our region.

Food For Thought

Matthew Schmit joins Jennifer Bell to talk about a new line of healthy artisan products from Humboldt's local Tofu Shop.


Danielle Orr talks with Humboldt State University librarians about the grand opening of the Humboldt Scholars Lab

The community is invited to explore this advanced digital library and lending center.

Come celebrate the opening:

October 24th  3:30-5pm    3rd Floor, HSU Library

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks about Arcata’s community farm and the CSA model with farmer Jayme Buckley.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks with Jeff St John of Dutch & Dewey Distillery about Horse Mountain Dry Gin and other handcrafted beverages from his innovative off-the-grid distillery.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks with Jeff St. John of Dutch & Dewey Distillery and Rocky's Ridge Vineyard about his farming heritage and continuing to use sustainable practices to craft specialty beverages.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell continues her discussion on locally made tofu and other artisanal products with Matthew Schmit from the Tofu Shop.

Food For Thought

The Tofu Shop's Matthew Schmit joins Jennifer Bell to talk about the origins of Humboldt County's longstanding local tofu source.