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Between the World and Me is College of the Redwoods' 2017 Book of the Year, and it's being celebrated by San Francisco-based installation artist Mary March. The installation, titled Between the Lines includes themes of identity, scales and tapestry. Between The Lines is at the CR Library through Friday, and March will give an artist talk on Thursday at 6pm at the CR Performing Arts theater.

Portrait of Émilie du Châtelet by Maurice Quentin de La Tour

A new play examines one of the most underappreciated women in physics and isn't afraid of Newtonian mechanics. "It gets real math-y in there," says actor Alexandra Blouin. 

Blouin, fellow actor Charlie Heinberg and director Catherine L. Brown discuss Emilie: La Marquise Du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight, a new show at Redwood Curtain Theater about theoretical physicist Emilie du Châtelet

Lupe Gutierrez, Jan Moorehose, and Susan Andrews report on Del Norte county news: local food in school lunches and Klamath's fourth-highest watermark in recorded history.

Things are looking up slightly for Californian wolves, making a handful of appearances within state lines after a 90-year absence. "Before Europeans arrived there were an estimated two million wolves ranging all across North America, "Amaroq Weiss tells Tom Wheeler, Program Coordinator at EPIC.

From Jarad Petroske - Marketing & Communications, Humboldt State University:

 Peter Fretwell, author and general manager of The Classical Network, New Jersey, has been named the new general manager for KHSU-FM, Humboldt State University’s public radio station.

There will be a celebration of life for Ruth Mountaingrove, founding mother of Through The Eyes of Women.  Sunday, February 12 at 3:00 PMHumboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  24 Fellowship Way, Bayside CA.

Jeff Dowd, the real-life inspiration for  Jeff Bridges' unlikely protagonist  in "The Big Lebowski" talks to Wendy Butler about Dell'Arte's marijuana musical. Known as 'The Dude' to his friends (alternately 'Duder', 'His Dudeness', and/or 'El Duderino'), Dowd is in town to support MaryJane the Musical.


Ruth Mountaingrove, lesbian-feminist poet, photographer, composer, publisher, musician, playwright, painter, and women’s land pioneer, died peacefully on December 18, 2016, at age 93, at Ida Emmerson Hospice House in Eureka , CA.

Wendy Butler speaks with Rae Robison and Megan Johnson of Plays In the Park's production of Eleemosynary. This benefit show features three generations of brilliant and troubled women whose complicated relationships have shaped each of them, even as they struggle to assert their own independence.  

Del Norte County Sheriffs Office

Former Crescent City Post Office supervisor Hollie Maready was sentenced to six years in prison for stealing painkillers. Brookings and Port Orford hold a Women's March, and driftwood causes a few traffic troubles after it drifts onto local roadways. 

Susan Andrews, Lupe Gutierrez, Jan Moorehouse and Charlie Minx report.

  "Money and morality, that's a timeless topic," says Jane Hill, director of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons," showing at the Ferndale Rep and Arcata Playhouse.Also, Eureka Symphony presents Beethoven's best-known chamber works at the Eureka Woman's Club this Sunday.

"There's a whole psychic readjustment to being on this earth without that parent being alive," Alexandra Kennedy, author of Losing a Parent - Passage to a New Way of Living. "Grief has its own wisdom and it'll take us where we need to go to heal."

Kennedy talks to Chronologically Gifted about how losing a parent later in life is different than losing a parent in your 20s or 30s. 


 KHSU’s Thursday Night Talk hosted an emotional town hall-style event on the eve of the presidential inauguration at Humboldt State University’s Kate Buchanan Room.  

PGar photo

  In this encore episode, we commemorate Ruth Mountaingrove, one of the Founding Mothers of Through The Eyes of Women. With Ruth’s recent passing at the well lived age of 93, her contributions to Through The Eyes Of Women, KHSU, the Arts & Activists communities, and life itself will be celebrated with several shows.


Considering post-Brexit statements like "Older white people, please die!" and the political volatility of American healthcare, Chronologically Gifted talks to Ashton Applewhite, the author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism about age in today's sociopolitical climate.