Mike Dronkers

Digital Communications Specialist

Mike Dronkers works part-time as KHSU's Digital Communications Specialist, handling web, multimedia, and social media.

Additionally, he produces My Favorite Lecture, volunteers as a host of In The Trees, and is an avowed dog person. 

He is a recipient of the national Edward R. Murrow radio documentary award, two Radio Advertising Production awards, two North Coast Journal "Best DJ" awards and several Lotto scratchers.


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Photo by Melissa Hesse

Minneapolis-based trio Kitten Forever stopped to play in Arcata this Monday. The band describe themselves as," fuzzed out, caustic, party punk ... inspired by equal parts friendship and feminism."

Left of the Dial spoke with Corrie Harrigan, Laura Larson, and Liz Elton from their tour van during last Friday's show.


Join Humboldt State Lecturer Julia Alderson for a discussion of art during crisis.   

Throughout history, governments and political groups have looted and destroyed art to serve their propagandistic purposes - from the ancient Romans, to the Nazis under Adolph Hitler, to ISIS’s recent destruction of the ancient site of Palmyra.

For this episode of My Favorite Lecture, Julia Alderson delivers Looting and Destruction: The Politics of Art in Crisis.

Doors open at 6:30 for a Taste of Arcata reception courtesy Arcata Main Street. The lecture begins promptly at 7:00pm. 

Most of the votes are in.

Up north, Both Del Norte and Curry counties followed the nation: Trump beat Clinton. Roughly 56/34 in both counties. Here's how Humboldt voted for a few key issues and candidates. 

Humboldt County Final Results (unofficial)

Humboldt Results

  1. Humboldt bucks Trump's national winning trend, putting Clinton ahead at 54%. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein each have 3% countywide
  2. Marijuana legalization passed: 60/40 
  3. Plastic bag ban (Prop 67): 53/47
  4. Eureka picked progressive Austin Allison over John Fullerton for city council at 51/49
  5. Measure V (Rent control) has a comfortable lead: 55/44
  6. Kamela Harris took Humboldt: 68/32
  7. Congressman Jared Huffman stays.

National Weather Service

"We have broken the record," Robert Ruehl of the National Weather Service tells KHSU. 

As of 12pm today, it's 71F degrees at the Woodley Island weather station, breaking the previous daily high of 70F degrees set in 1987. Eureka also experienced 70F degree heat back in 1941. 

This heat comes on the heels of the rainiest October ever recorded in Eureka.  

Wind, quarter-sized hail, lightning... 

From the National Weather Service:



[Advisory: Some of the content below maybe be considered graphic, bleak, and/or NSFW.]  

In this episode of My Favorite Lecture, Humboldt State history professor Ben Marschke paints a vivid picture of the spiritual, social, and economic factors that surrounded the witch hunts that led to an estimated 100,000 witch trials and 50,000 executions over hundreds of years. 

Demonology and epistemology collide as Marschke explores the "science" of witchcraft in the sixteenth century, placing witchcraft in the context of contemporary anxieties about gender, sexuality, and fertility.


You'll learn about popular handbook Malleus Maleficarum, which was basically the Oxford English Dictionary of how to spot, hunt, and try witches. 

Wind & Rain Forecast

Oct 13, 2016
National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is calling for heavy rain and wind in KHSU's listening area. They have issued the following weather advisories:

  • High wind advisory through 9pm tonight: winds 15-25mph with gusts up to 45mph
  • High surf advisory overnight: waves 18-22 ft

Two to four inches of rain are expected today and tonight. Isolated thunderstorms may occur, particularly in Del Norte county.

You're invited to be in the "studio" audience for the second episode of My Favorite Lecture, Thursday, October 13th  at Plaza Grill at 7pm.

Ben Marschke's lecture is titled "Witches: Sex & Science in the 16th Century."

You'll explore the "science" of witchcraft in the sixteenth century, when contemporaries blended magic and religion and science.

Marschke places witchcraft in the context of contemporary anxieties about gender, sexuality, and fertility.

"Legalization has smaller growers in the area worried as well. You can read this story about two small-time cultivators in Humboldt County who have a plan to survive as the industry balloons."


Humboldt's Absynth Quartet performed new music from an upcoming release on KHSU. The band has been performing in various incarnations since the late 9os, and is one of a handful of local acts to tour extensively across the nation.  

AQ will play at the Arcata Playhouse (tickets) Thursday night, along with a film from Steven Vander Meer (below). They also perform at a Shredfest in October, Rampart skatepark benefit.


"If we look at what makes up the universe, it's a little disturbing," Humboldt State University physicist CD Hoyle told the standing-room-only audience in Arcata. "It turns that most of the universe is dark energy." And we don't know what that is. "And that's a problem." 

Physics has problems, and nature is hinting at mysteries as big as the universe itself.  There are contradictions among major models of nature that are, in Hoyle's opinion, downright embarrassing.

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  Humboldt State University professors deliver their favorite lecture in downtown Arcata this fall, as part of a new broadcast/podcast series.

The series, called “My Favorite Lecture,” will be in front of a live audience. Admission is free, but seating is limited. 


Motorists should be advised that wildfires along US 101 are affecting highway traffic.   

"It's between Scotia and Stafford, south of the mill and north of the Stafford interchange," CalTrans' Eli Rohl told KHSU.

"We closed the rightmost northbound lane, and the southbound lanes are all open. We've only got one lane closed, everything else is open and moving," Rohl said.

CalTrans District 1: 

From a 2013 press release: