After Another Bundy Acquittal: Where Does this Leave Public Lands?

Sep 7, 2017

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge seen from a USGS satellite
Credit Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Federal prosecutors in Nevada have again failed to secure convictions against right wing militia supporters who were facing up to 100-year prison terms for assault on federal officers, conspiracy, and other crimes related to the April 12 2014 stand-off at Bunkerville Nevada where BLM officers tried to impound Cliven Bundy’s cows over his refusal to pay federal grazing fees.

Scott Greacen is joined by guests Dan Barton, wildlife professor at Humboldt State University; and Scott Bellows, Portland-based writer, mediator, and former trial lawyer & prosecutor. Tune in for a discussion of what happened, why it matters, and where it leaves those of us seeking justice in the American West.

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