The California Report

Sep 13, 2017

Census Bureau: One in Five Californians Lives in Poverty

Despite high incomes, California has the highest rates of poverty in the nation. New Census Bureau data shows one in five Californians lives in poverty, after adjusting for the cost of living and welfare programs.Reporter John Sepulvado

State Lawmakers Reject Lower Voting Age

The voting age will remain at 18 years old in California, after a bill that would allow 17 year olds to cast a vote failed in the State Assembly on Tuesday.Reporter Guy Marzorati

KPBS Investigation: San Diego Refugees Face Housing Dilemma

An investigation by KPBS found claims that a resettlement agency encouraged refugee families in San Diego County to sign falsified leases in order to find housing in the area’s tight rental market.Reporter Tarryn Mento


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