The Importance of Baseline and Cumulative Effects

Feb 1, 2018

Caribou Lake, Trinity Alps Wilderness
Credit Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment

"This is where we get to the idea of cumulative effects - how do we ensure that the watershed remains capable of supporting salmon and steelhead and other species that we need and frankly have an obligation to."

Scott Greacen, Conservation Director for Friends of the Eel River, hosts with guest Larry Glass, President of the Northcoast Environmental Center and Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment (SAFE). They discuss SAFE's recent legal victory against California Department of Food and Agriculture's aerial spraying program that targeted schools and organic farms but lacked accurate baseline data and analysis of cumulative effects.

Scott and Larry draw parallels to Humboldt County's Commercial Cannabis Ordinance EIR, which also lacks accurate baseline data and cumulative effects analysis.  The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is holding a vote to approve the ordinance at their meeting on February 6.

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