Talking Business | Douglas County Libraries | The Venderia

11 hours ago
Originally published on July 12, 2018 3:28 pm


We discuss the latest regional business news with Suzanne Stevens, editor of the Portland Business Journal.

Douglas county voters declined to raise property taxes in 2016 to save their library system and, as anticipated, many of those libraries shut down. But library support in some cities was so strong that some branches reorganized and reopened, run by volunteers. And some cities have even dedicated funding to new city-run libraries. We’re joined by Kris Wiley from Roseburg; and Pat Lynch and Kathy Browning — both from Reedsport.

Created by Taylor Valdes, The Venderia is a new kind of vending machine. Valdes hand-stocks the machines with condoms, pregnancy tests, Find Your Inner Animal mystery bags and new and different items from local artists each week. Just after its fifth anniversary, Valdes joins us to talk about her eclectic business.

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