Folklife Woodshed

Sundays 7PM-9PM

Sundays 7PM-9PM
Following in the footsteps of Don Wolski and the Bayside Hayride! With host Jay Stallman, our radio show explores the wild and wonderful landscape of folk music. Tune in to hear a wide range of traditional and contemporary American roots music, including acoustic blues and jazz; old-time stringband and bluegrass; historical and contemporary folk; world-wide acoustic influences; cajun and zydeco; Western swing, honky tonk, and rockabilly; and old country to alternative country.

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Jay Stallman's special edition of the Woodshed featured more than 50 local artists performing this week during the 39th annual Humboldt Folklife Festival.

The festival runs July 8-15. Check out the Humboldt Folklife Society website or Facebook for detailed information about the events.