Thursday Night Talk

Local attorney and amateur political pundit Eric Kirk focuses on issues of local to global importance in politics, religion, culture, and science, with an emphasis on cross-ideological dialogue and the constant reexamination of the credos and dogmas which govern each of us. Long time radio activist Brenda Starr brings her free spirit, wit and humor to TNT. Exploring politics, community and the games people play, she awaits your calls during a segment called Flash where you the listener share your likes & dislikes of the week! Brenda is also a co-host of KHSU's "Through The Eyes Of Women." Lorna Bryant is TNT's 'Race Beat' correspondent, covering issues of equality, equity, and justice. Linda Stansberry is a reporter with the North Coast Journal. She was born and raised in Humboldt county.

Archive of past Thursday Night Talk programs:

Ways to Connect

In honor of Women's History Month, host Lorna Bryant explores the role of women in activism and resistance with guests Sierra Leash, activist and humanitarian for Syrian refugees and Jill Larrabee, organizer of Show Up Humboldt.

Centro del Pueblo

"How do our children get treated fairly in the schools, how do they not get suspended and expelled at disproportionate rates,  how are our families incorporated into our educational system ... I think that those are some of the challenges we face as a county as a region," says Renee Saucedo of Centro del Pueblo.

How do you know what to trust? On this episode of Thursday Night Talk, learn how to read the news. Host Linda Stansberry talks with Ryan Burns of Lost Coast Outpost and Dan Squier of KINS News about the difference between journalism and sensationalism, and how to encourage media literacy.

Thursday Night Talk: Julie Fulkerson and Women on the March

Feb 19, 2017

"I owe a lot to this community," says Julie Fulkerson. After the worldwide Women's March, many have asked themselves, "How do I get involved in politics? Is now the right time? How scary can it be?"  Brenda Starr speaks with former county supervisor, mayor, musician and former host of TNT, Julie Fulkerson, about ways to stay politically active. 

Did you know the second fastest-growing racial group in the U.S. are those who claim two or more races – when it was just 40 years ago laws prohibited interracial marriage. The Loving v. Virginia case is a landmark civil rights decision of the United States Supreme Court that overturned those laws. 

You've got opinions. TNT has veteran campaign reporter Chuck Rogers. What's your take on Trump's first few weeks? 

Eric Kirk and Chuck Rogers discuss Executive Orders, Judicial nominees, and more. 

Linda Stansberry

Have you ever thought about creating a living around your passions? Linda Stansberry interviews the founder of a non-profit, a freelancer and an aspiring small business owner about the challenges and rewards of striking out on one's own.


 KHSU’s Thursday Night Talk hosted an emotional town hall-style event on the eve of the presidential inauguration at Humboldt State University’s Kate Buchanan Room.  

  KHSU's Thursday Night Talk hosted a live, town hall-style event on the eve of the presidential inauguration. 

"Big corporate owners really dominate our politics," says coal-country antipoverty activist Nic Smith told KHSU. "People in Appalachia have know that for a long time."

So why did so many rural working class voters sit out the election or vote for Donald Trump? Smith and Eric Kirk discuss the problem of classism in the American progressive movements. 

The Humboldt Second Chance Program is a new project created to reduce recidivism and unemployment among local offenders out on probation. What are the expectations?

Thursday Night Talk: Humanitarian Support

Dec 15, 2016
Anne Braak-Katz

Brenda Starr discussed refugee support with Anne Braak-Katz, who shared her experiences visiting Syrian refugee camps in Greece, along with Andy Sehic, a Bosnian Muslim genocide survivor from the war in Bosnia/Herzegovina. They discussed humanitarian support, emphasizing peace and community.

Thursday Night Talk: At Standing Rock

Dec 7, 2016
Konrad Fisher

As the Dakota Access Pipeline conflict continues to heat up in the cold of pending winter Eric Kirk discusses the issues of petroleum, water safety, indigenous rights and sovereignty, and the very right to protest. Eric's guests include Konrad Fisher of Klamath Riverkeeper who has just returned from Standing Rock. Tune in and call in December 8 beginning at 7:00.

Thursday Night Talk: Quinoa on the Menu

Nov 30, 2016
Youtube screenshot via Humfoodgirl


"We started messing around with quinoa, just in a small way, a number of years ago," local farmer Blake Richard says.

"We were dry farming it - not watering it - and that's the way we still grow it." Humboldt has the ideal climate for domestic quinoa production, What opportunities does this grain provide for local farmers? Yana Valachovic explores Humboldt’s production of quinoa.