Katie Whiteside

“The more we help and get people employed - that’s when people realize, 'Oh, this is a really high quality employee with really great skills. I just have to get past all those apprehensions and preconceived ideas of people with disabilities and look for the things they can do instead of the things I think they can’t do,'" says James Forbes, Field Service Counselor with the Humboldt County Department of Rehabilitation

Society for the Blind in Sacramento

Executive Director of Reading Service of the Redwoods Joan Sikkens along with Executive Director Shari Roeseler of Society for the Blind in Sacramento stopped by the KHSU studio to give an update about their partnership. At the beginning of the year folks who are visually impaired or blind will be able to access publications using their cell phones.

North Coast Repertory Theater

The Reading Service of the Redwoods is hosting its largest fundraising event of the year this Friday, September 16 at the North Coast Repertory Theater in Eureka. NCRT is presenting Neil Simon's The Odd Couple the Female Version. The funds raised during this performance will help the organization pay its operating costs.