From Scraps to Riches, Community Composting

May 3, 2018
Sarah Boltwala-Mesina

Small entrepreneurs across the country are making a living and strengthening local food systems by composting food waste locally.  We get down to the nitty gritty with three community composters and talk with a soil scientist and composting advocates about the benefits of diverting food from landfills.




The Animals' Day Off

Dec 8, 2017


School cafeterias across the nation are sowing healthier futures for their students by serving more plant-based meals. The kids come home asking for kale and the benefits are dramatic, as obesity rates, greenhouse gas emissions, and even costs, go down. 

Slaying Energy Vampires

Nov 1, 2017

The average Northern California home has 45 vampire devices which draw energy when not in use. Vampire energy accounts for nearly one-quarter of a typical household electric bill.  Hosts Wendy Ring and Brian Curtis show you how to stanch the flow of current and currency.