Screenshot, Animal Planet

John Griffith, who rose to internet fame alongside his Fortuna California Conservation Corps members for having dance moves, has taken his love of nature to a new show for Animal Planet called Wild Jobs.

But he was, by his own admission, a bad kid. "It led to me experimenting with drugs and alcohol, way too early and way too hardcore."

You might remember the Fortuna California Conservation Corps' John Griffith's viral video from several years ago. No? The one where the 'mountain man' boss shared dance moves with CCC's Antwon McCoy and Leonard Patton? 

Thursday Night Talk: Diversity Outdoors

Jan 25, 2017

Is the wilderness welcoming to everyone? Why does that matter?

Ruby Jean Garcia, executive project coordinator with Latino Outdoors and educator/author /viral video star John Griffith discussed diversity in the outdoor space, nature-based parenting, and certifying Arcata as a wildlife-friendly zone.