Thursday Night Talk: HSU's Cultural Centers

On Thursday Night Talk: The Race Beat , Lorna Bryant introduces us to HSU's Cultural Centers: Humboldt State University MultiCultural Center (Carlos Sanchez, coordinator), African-American Center for Academic Excellence (Kenya U. James Nunley, coordinator - not present), Latinx Center for Academic Excellence (Fernando Paz, coordinator and Victoria Navario, Student Community Liaison ), Native American Center for Academic Excellence/ITEPP (Adrienne Colegrove Raymond, coordinator), and Asian Desi Pacific Island Collective (Roger Wang, adviser).

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New Political Thriller "The Blind Pool"

2 hours ago

Bay area and Northern California author, award winning feature writer and editor Paul McHugh speaks to Danielle Orr about his latest book. The Blind Pool is his third novel and sixth book which focuses on a rogue Russian oligarch, a crime empire run from prison and two US agents in over their heads. Poetry and documentary filmmaking are two of McHugh's other passions. It was a pleasure to have McHugh in the studio.

Katie Whiteside

Mary Harper and Solom Everta  of Classics Now discuss author August Strindberg's tragic/comic tale of the fisherman and farmers of the Swedish archipelago in the novel The People of Hemso. Surprisingly, there is more comedy than tragedy. 

Chronologically Gifted: René Marie on Creativity

Sep 21, 2017
John Abbott

Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist and songwriter Rene Marie has a perfect metaphor for how to spark creativity:  "I think the creative bent is a shy little animal that only comes out when it's safe, when it feels that it's going to be heard or listened to.  At least that's the way it is for me.  If I ignore it, then it just goes back under its rock, but if I feed it, encourage it, play with it, acknowledge it, 'Hey, little guy!' then it comes back out more and more."  In 1997, when she was in her early 40s, she returned to her musical career.  Over the past 20 years, she has made numerous recordings and stage performances including at the Morris Graves Museum, brought here by the Redwood Jazz Alliance.  She's this week's guest on Chronologically Gifted talking about her creative process and creativity in later life.  

Have you considered how you can downsize your personal carbon footprint, or if it’s even possible? Do you wonder what local government is doing to prepare for sea level rise?

My guests Patrick Carr and Julie Neander with the City of Arcata discuss practical options for individuals to reduce climate-changing pollution, along with upcoming events to learn more about Arcata’s sea level rise preparedness plans. Focusing on housing, transportation, and the food we eat, what would it mean to live closer to balance with the climate?   

Surfrider Humboldt/Facebook

Coastal Cleanup Day has been a major volunteer event in Humboldt County for 38 years. It is the largest volunteer event in support of the marine environment worldwide and occurred this past Saturday.

Natalya Estrada

It started with burning of sage and several supporters gathering around the small Security National building on Eureka's fifth street. The building is owned by Rob Arkley, a local real estate tycoon who wanted to purchase a property known as Indian Island from Eureka instead of the city transferring it to the Wiyot Tribe. Within a few hours the crowd multiplied with nearly 100 protesters lining both sides of the street near the E Street intersection. 

"If you have confidence in yourself and your worth in the community, you will succeed." Dr. Manohar Singh is the new Dean of the College of Professional Studies at HSU. He is coming to Humboldt state from Penn State University (Abington) where he served as the Professor of Finance and Head of the Division of Social Sciences and Business. Dr. Singh has also taught in India, Australia, and Singapore and brings with him a background in scholarly research in finance, macroeconomics, management strategy, corporate social responsibility and gender equity in corporate America. 

Through The Eyes of Women: Harnessing Intuition

Sep 19, 2017

Can tapping into your intuition change your life? How do we unlock creativity and embrace our full potential? For most of us, it’s easier said than done. Jill Willard says that we all can tap into our intuition in a way that can empower us to be more creative, fulfilled, and reach our potential.

Run, Serve, Lead comes to McKinleyville

Sep 18, 2017

Tamara McFarland of the North Coast Peoples Alliance and Arcata city Council Member and Vice-Mayor, Sofia Pereira came by the KHSU Magazine to talk about the upcoming “Run, Serve, Lead” seminar taking place on  Friday, Sept. 22, at the Grace Good Shepherd Church in McKinleyville from 6 to 8 p.m.

Katie Whiteside/KHSU

On the Spot, Arcata's best/only improvisational comedy troupe readies itself for another season at the Arcata Theater Lounge. 

Through a series of games, On The Spot creates fresh, small-batch jokes live on stage based on audience cues.

The first show of On The Spot's season 2 is Friday, September 29th at the Arcata Theater Lounge (tickets).

The shows are kid-friendly in terms of both content and bedtimes: doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:00.


From NPR

Arts Tax Spared | Filthy Friends | Sidewalk Chalk | Rene Denfeld

11 minutes ago

This week on "State of Wonder," live sessions with Sidewalk Chalk and the star-studded Filthy Friends, Rene Denfeld on how her work as a private investigator inspired her book, Artist Rep shakes up the theater season and more.

Episode 796: The Basic Income Experiment

49 minutes ago

The basic income is a hot topic of social policy. It's a steady payout to citizens. Liberals argue it provides support to struggling citizens with dignity and freedom. Libertarians like that it can be dispensed without an expensive, and controlling, bureaucracy. The rest argue that it's a giveaway that will inspire laziness.

Well before this year's series of historically powerful hurricanes, Puerto Rico already had a notoriously fickle power supply and crushing debt — the power authority effectively declared bankruptcy in July. Power outages were routine, even in cities.

Puffs of red Lake County dust coat my feet as I walk to the edge of a wide vista. If I unfocus my eyes and look straight out over the valley toward the distant town of Calistoga, I can almost imagine the view as it used to be — a deep-green bowl of pine forest. Almost.

Focusing my eyes again, the hillsides black with dead trees stand out in sharp relief. To my left, weeds hide what remains of a burned home.