Courtesy Planet Labs

Artwaves: Art In Space

San Francisco-based satellite imaging company Planet Labs’ Artist-In-Residence Director Forest Stearns was formerly an oft-exhibited artist here in Humboldt County.

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Penguin Random House

Mary Harper and Solomon Everta from Classics Now discuss Charles Kingley’s The Water Babies- A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby where young Tom becomes a water baby and goes on a journey to learn about kindness.

FisherBroyles, LLP

"We are all going to be old someday.  It's one of the few discriminatory classifications that if one is lucky, one becomes.  So we're all going to be there someday, and if we understand that, and we know our own worth,  we'll try to value other people's worth."   Richard B. Cohen shares his insights and expertise on age discrimination in employment.   Richard is an attorney with the FisherBroyles in New York and writes an employment discrimination blog

Thursday Night Talk: Locally Grown

4 hours ago

On tonight's Thursday Night Talk on KHSU, host Kevin Hoover of the Mad River Union will discuss the film, "Locally Grown, America's Food Revolution" with local food activist and Co-Executive Producer Suzanne Simpson, Humboldt State Associate Professor of Communication Dr. Joshua Frye, HSU Assistant Professor of Social Work Jen Maguire and you, with your calls to (707) 826-4805 beginning at 7.


On this segment of Shaky Ground, Geologist Lori Dengler takes on the word epicenter.

Depending on magnitude, the "dot on the map" may or may not be an accurate representation of the seismic waves of a given earthquake.


On this episode of Campus Connections, HSU President Lisa Rossbacher highlights the upcoming solar eclipse. Dr. Rossbacher recalls experiencing this amazing event in years past -- and finds possibilities for optimism and hope.

Natalya Estrada

It’s been nearly four months and very few  details have been released about the case of David Josiah Lawson, a Humboldt State University student of color who was murdered in April.

Janaee Sykes, who attends HSU said this year is difficult for her and other students of color who just wish their community would support them.  

Artwaves: Art In Space

Aug 15, 2017
Courtesy Planet Labs

San Francisco-based satellite imaging company Planet Labs’ Artist-In-Residence Director Forest Stearns was formerly an oft-exhibited artist here in Humboldt County. 

Chronologically Gifted: Kelly Mikelson on Work in Later Life

Aug 14, 2017
Urban Institute

What occupations are expected to grow in the next ten years?   What challenges do older workers face, and what are their retirement plans ?  What skills will older workers need?  Kelly Mikelson answers these questions and more.  Kelly is a senior research associate in the Income and Benefits Policy Center at the Urban Institute.  Her work focuses on evaluating workforce development and postsecondary education programs and includes studies of income support, welfare reform, and social service programs and policies. 

Humboldt Permaculture Guild

Plants will make seeds to make more plants, says Marlon Gil from the Humboldt Permaculture Guild. But how do harvest your own seeds? Gil and Cindy Annotto, often seen at local farmers markets with Rock-n-Rose farms, invite you to a seed-saving and plant propagation workshop Sunday. 

Via the Facebook event page:

As the Yurok Tribe works to reacquire its land base, it's partnered with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to advance ecological and cultural goals. Tim Hayden, the Yurok Tribe's Natural Resource Division Lead, and Jon Shulz of the Natural Resources Conservation Service talk to EPIC's Tom Wheeler about the tribe's conservation efforts. 


From NPR

Malala Yousafzai, was only 15 when she was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan for campaigning for the education of girls. Now, she's been accepted to Oxford, one of the world's elite universities.

Malala tweeted, "So excited to go to Oxford!!!". She also congratulated other students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who received news Thursday about their university futures.

At Oxford Malala will study philosophy, politics and economics.

Spotify and other streaming services have begun removing white supremacist content from its platforms, as websites and musicians alike scramble to distance themselves from the white nationalist movement.

In a statement on Wednesday, Spotify blamed the labels and distributors that supply music to its database, but says "material that favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality or the like is not tolerated by us. Spotify takes immediate action to remove any such material as soon as it has been brought to our attention."

As we struggled this week to make sense of what happened in Charlottesville, Va., some big questions bubbled up:

What lessons does history teach about white resentment in the United States? How is the experience of other countries and other times — like Germany — relevant? How are those in power reacting to President Trump's shifting response?

At least 58 people were killed by police in the Philippines this week in two raids — the first and deadliest of which was celebrated by President Rodrigo Duterte as a successful part of his brutal war on drugs.

On Tuesday, a raid in the province of Bulacon left 32 people dead, The Associated Press reports. It was the highest single-day death toll of Duterte's crackdown on the drug trade. More than 100 accused drug offenders were arrested in the province, the news service says.

On Wednesday and into Thursday, operations in the capital city of Manila killed 26 more people.