HSU Homeless Student Advocate Alliance Present Housing Alternative Insights

Chant'e Catt and Mike Barnes of the HSU Homeless Student Advocate Alliance came by the KHSU studio to talk about the Housing Alternative Insights events November 28-30.

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After many years of hard work the Humboldt Bay Trail North is now open! Bense-Kang talks with City of Arcata Mayor, Susan Ornelas, and Netra Khatri Assistant City Engineer, about the history of the trail, construction, and how it will benefit the community. 

The deadliest earthquake of 2017 took place along the Iran-Iraq border earlier this month. Geologist Lori Dengler discusses the tectonics - and politics - of the region. 

The Longest Walk to Save the Salmon

Nov 21, 2017

"Every step is a prayer. Every mile is a ceremony." Ray St. Clair called in from Santa Rosa during the Longest Walk to Save the Salmon. Ray and others started walking on November 1st in Seattle and will end with a gathering at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay on the 23rd, for the annual un-thanksgiving day sunrise ceremony. 

Chant'e Catt and Mike Barnes of the HSU Homeless Student Advocate Alliance came by the KHSU studio to talk about the Housing Alternative Insights events November 28-30.

Ari & Mia, "New England's Americana sister act," stopped by KHSU's Studio A to perform live. 

Katie Whiteside

"How do we make sure that we are creating cultures where mentorships are part of the work that we do as nonprofits," says Amy Jester Program Director for Humboldt Area Association.

Confluence, a coming or flowing together, meeting or gathering at one point.The single most powerful predictor of human resilience is interpersonal support. Join NorCAN and the incredible rural nonprofit network of Northern California and Southern Oregon for Confluence - The 2017 Regional Nonprofit Conference, with Keynote speaker Vu Le of Nonprofit AF for his Welcome and Opening "Winter is Here, and We Must Work Together to Stop the Ice Zombies of Injustice." 

Registration for the Confluence Conference 2017. You must register by November 28, 2017 for the December 5th, 2017 event held this year at the Sequoia Conference Center in Eureka, CA from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Call 707.442.2993.

Jessica Eden

For this food-focused time of the year, Charlando Con La Raza co-hosts Xochitl Cabrera and Brenda Perez discuss their favorite family foods from Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico.  

Charlando Con La Raza airs Tuesdays at 7 PM on Radio Bilingue.

From Buddha to Wotan to Luke Skywalker, the hero’s journey remains remarkably the same across cultures and generations.  This is Joseph Campbell’s thesis in his “Hero With a Thousand Faces”.  Join Mary and Solomon as they discuss Campbell’s “monomyth” which reveals how much we all have in common.

"The key I think is not to change the style but help people become aware of their thinking styles, where they are vulnerable to faulty thinking, how that might rob them of resilience, and then teach them a skill to be able to get around that style."  Dr. Andrew Shatté is an author and the founder and president of Phoenix Life Academy, a training company that specializes in measuring and training for resilience.  He is a Research Professor in the Medical School of the University of Arizona and co-author of the book The Resilience Factor.  He shares his thoughts on resilience in part one of this two-part interview.  

Humboldt County Planning & Building

Nearly 18 years in the making, the County’s 20-year land use plan was finally adopted in October. 

It will create ten percent fewer new homes with more environmental impacts than the version recommended by the 2012 Planning Commission. County Supervisor Mike Wilson explains why his first and only vote on the plan was cast in opposition.


From NPR

Human Brains Have Evolved Unique 'Feel-Good' Circuits

23 minutes ago

A brain system involved in everything from addiction to autism appears to have evolved differently in people than in great apes, a team reports Thursday in the journal Science.

The system controls the production of dopamine, a chemical messenger that plays a major role in pleasure and rewards.

"The Crocodile," "The Enforcer," "The Bodyguard," "The Spymaster." Those are just some of the names Zimbabwe's new leader goes by.

One could also add "The Survivor."

The nicknames are an indication of what Zimbabweans can expect of Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is 75, and poised to be sworn in as president , to replace his one-time mentor Robert Mugabe, on Nov. 24.

As a young 18-year-old recruit to the independence liberation struggle, Mnangagwa was condemned to die by the Rhodesian authorities the guerrilla warriors — combatants and strategists — were trying to depose.

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REBROADCAST: On The Road: Long Beach Peninsula

33 minutes ago

On The Road is "Think Out Loud’s" radio road trip series: conversations with wanderers, tourists and residents along Oregon and Washington's back roads and highways. In September, we traveled to Southwest Washington's Long Beach Peninsula.