Acclaimed UK Banjo Player, Dan Walsh Stops by the KHSU Magazine

Acclaimed clawhammer banjo player, Dan Walsh came by the KHSU studio during his UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand tour in support of his fourth solo album Verging on the Perpendicular .

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Zerowaste Humboldt's website

On the KHSU Magazine Maggie Gainer of Zero Waste Humboldt and Eddie Blakeslee of Los Bagels discuss the new California Bag Law, and how local businesses can reduce waste by using Zero Waste practices. Blakeslee explains how the methods he has implemented at Los Bagels have cut waste cost by half.

"We don't encourage microphone singing," says Humboldt Light Opera Company's Carol Ryder.  She and HLOC work to instill traditional musical theater skills in local youth. She's joined by  Caleb Weiss and Abby Hasting-Tharpe, two of nine Humboldt youth bound for New York City's Broadway Student Summit. Two benefit concerts (June 2 & 3, 7pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bayside) will benefit that trip.

Additionally, HLOC's KidCo is hosting summer camps soon. 

Thursday Night Talk: Seeking Solutions

May 23, 2017

Progressives have resided in Humboldt County for decades; whether they be transplants or home grown. Join Brenda Starr on Thursday Night Talk when she is joined by Sharon and Mike Fennell. These North Coast activists have helped create dialog of importance from Central American solidarity to prison reform and so much more, including the color divide and separation of students from the larger community. Tune in and join the conversation on solutions to move forward and connect with love. May 25, beginning at 7.

National Park Service

"So a professor, and environmentalist, and a fisherman walk into a bar... " That's how host Tom Wheeler opens this salmon-focused episode of the EcoNews Report.


Family and friends of Josiah Lawson announced a reward for information leading to Lawson's killer at a press conference today. 

Charmaine Lawson, Josiah's mother, said "There is a reward of $10,000. If anyone knows anything that would lead to an arrest ... and conviction for my son's murder, I am pleading that you come forward."

This week Chronologically Gifted turns to a new topic: an examination of feminism and the ways it has changed over time.  

"I  think what we've established here tonight is that we have vast hiking riches," says Kevin Hoover. 

On this week’s Thursday Night Talk, it’s all about trails and the people who create, maintain, and document them.

Today on Artwaves, Wendy Butler and guests discuss two local theater offerings: Dell'Arte's Thesis Festival and North Coast Rep's production of the Gilbert & Sullivan classic HMS Pinafore.

 Assistant Professor Dr. Amber Gaffney is a social psychologist whose research focuses on social identity, group processes and social influence.

 Her current work focuses on how prototypical and non-prototypical group members can create and manage uncertainty to enact social change. 

She speaks to TTEOW about the new Social Identity and Influence research lab at HSU where students can get hands-on experience working on every stage of research from hypothesis development to publication and presentation of results.


Humboldt State's academic year has come to a close. In this segment of Campus Connections, President Rossbacher reflects on the graduating class of 2017.


From NPR

Oregon Could Join National Popular Vote Compact

2 hours ago

The Oregon House has voted to join a national movement to elect the president via the popular vote, not the Electoral College.

The National Popular Vote compact is an agreement between states to award their Electoral College votes to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote.

Updated at 10:50 p.m. ET

The Montana special congressional race was roiled on the eve of Thursday's vote after GOP nominee Greg Gianforte allegedly "body slammed" a reporter.

The grandmother of an African-American teenager who was shot and killed by police called the officer who shot him a “racist serial killer” while testifying to Portland's City Council on Wednesday.

In February, 17-year-old Quanice Hayes was killed by Portland Police Officer Andrew Hearst. Police believed Hayes was armed after responding to a report of a robbery in Northeast Portland.

Hayes’ death has incited a series of protests in downtown Portland, some of which have disrupted City Council proceedings.

Oil producers across the country are watching to see what OPEC does at its meeting in Vienna this week, since the cartel of oil-exporting countries has recently played a big role in turning around a two-year U.S. slump.

There are more than twice as many U.S. rigs drilling for oil as a year ago, a turnaround that's felt keenly in places like the Bakken oil patch in North Dakota. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are flying off the shelves of the gas station Angela Neuman manages in the town of Williston.