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New KHSU T-Shirt

6 hours ago

KHSU has a new T-shirt featuring local artist Maureen McGarry. The painting featured is "College Cove, Winter Light".

It can be your as a thank you gift with your donation of $10 a month or $120.

U.C. Cooperative Extension

Has the glass ceiling been broken? On this week's Thursday Night Talk, host Yana Valachovic, speaks with women in firefighting and explores women's experiences in other male-dominated professions.
Tune in Thursday September 29th at 7 p.m.


Humboldt's Absynth Quartet performed new music from an upcoming release on KHSU. The band has been performing in various incarnations since the late 9os, and is one of a handful of local acts to tour extensively across the nation.  

AQ will play at the Arcata Playhouse (tickets) Thursday night, along with a film from Steven Vander Meer (below). They also perform at a Shredfest in October, Rampart skatepark benefit.


Dr. Rossbacher shares her experience of visiting Humboldt State's Library Brain Booth - where research and relaxation intersect. The Library Brain Booth, which began August 31st, allows visitors to utilize the biofeedback station, relaxation and contemplation station or virtual reality station. The  effects of mindfulness, attention, and contemplation  are measured through the various activities.

The Library Brain Booth is open on Wednesdays, 10am-Noon (Library 114) and Thursdays, 1-3pm (Library 208) through October 27, 2016. After October 27, hours will change to once weekly. High Brain Booth visitor numbers and interest will dictate if twice weekly labs will be offered through the entire fall semester. Learn more about the HSU Library Brain booth here

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Humboldt's new community radio station began broadcasting this month at 96.7 FM. KZZH is airing local government meetings, and will accept program submissions from the public.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks with Jeff St. John of Dutch & Dewey Distillery and Rocky's Ridge Vineyard about his farming heritage and continuing to use sustainable practices to craft specialty beverages.

Pam Long

Foxy, Flabby, Brilliant, Spineless, Luscious are just a few words to describe your date with a glass of wine. Instructor Pam Long discusses her Sensory Evaluation and Service Class which is part of a series for the Vine to Table Certificate program offered through HSU's Extended Education. This course is designed to teach general knowledge about wines typically found on restaurant wine lists as well as retail shelves.

Mary Harper and Solomon Everta, of the Northcoast Book Discussion Group, examine Elizabeth Barrett Browning - her strict upbringing; growing up in Jamaica; hiding her marriage from her family. Mary reads passages from Sonnets from the Portuguese - poems written during Elizabeth Barrett Browning's courtship with Robert Browning. In fact, Barrett Browning waited three years after they'd married before sharing Sonnets from the Portuguese with Robert Browning.

Classics Now is a monthly feature regularly hosted by Mary Harper and Solomon Everta.Classics Now airs the third Thursday of each month during the KHSU Homepage at 1pm.

On this week's North Coast Update, Lupe Gutierrez and Susan Andrews report on a new grant to be used by the Yurok Tribe to preserve the Yurok language.

The money will be used to teach the language, as well as training Yurok speakers to educate others. 

Also on this week's North Coast Update:


"If we look at what makes up the universe, it's a little disturbing," Humboldt State University physicist CD Hoyle told the standing-room-only audience in Arcata. "It turns that most of the universe is dark energy." And we don't know what that is. "And that's a problem." 

Physics has problems, and nature is hinting at mysteries as big as the universe itself.  There are contradictions among major models of nature that are, in Hoyle's opinion, downright embarrassing.

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