July KHSU CAB Meeting

The public is invited to attend KHSU's Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting Wednesday, June 27, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) 166 (see map below), on the campus of Humboldt State University.

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July KHSU CAB Meeting

11 hours ago

The public is invited to attend KHSU's Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting Wednesday, June 27, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) 166 (see map below), on the campus of Humboldt State University. 

This week on Artwaves: Against the Wind project chairperson Jack Irvine. Against the Wind is a festival of events to promote peace and support the voyage of the Golden Rule, a boat originally captained by Albert Bigelow in 1958 with the stated purpose of sailing into the Marshall Islands nuclear test zone to protest against United States testing and deployment of nuclear weapons. This week-long festival will take place in Arcata and other parts of Humboldt County October 14 through 21.

Residents Raise More Concerns Over Last Chance Grade

20 hours ago
Natalya Estrada

Thousands of cars pass through this four mile stretch of highway 101 every day. The area is just south of Crescent City and its part of a regular commute for residents and travelers in Del Norte County. It’s known as Last Chance Grade and it’s notorious for slide activity. While it’s constantly under maintenance and monitored with geotechnical equipment by Caltrans, some residents feel like it’s only a matter of time before the road literally falls into the ocean.

On the next Thursday Night Talk: The Race Beat, Lorna Bryant's  guests will be Christine Mata and Jessica Brenda Pérez Mendoza – two Latina scholars making an impact on Humboldt County. They’ll discuss the significance and impact of Latinas in professional fields in this small community.

Thursday Night Talk: The Race Beat - tune in at 7 pm PST, streaming at KHSU.org.

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Humboldt County officials warn of blue-green algae in the North Coast. They explain that these blooms may coincide with low river flows and sustained high temperatures in more inland areas.

Pets, children and livestock should be kept away from the blooms and can be especially vulnerable to accidentally drinking or inhaling the water and may be poisoned. 

More information is in the press release below: 

Caltrans District 1

The public has the opportunity to weigh in on Last Chance Grade in Del Norte County. According to Caltrans, the state agency announced the release of a geotechnical risk assessment for the project. 

Last Chance Grade expands over a coastal stretch of Highway 101, four miles south of crescent city in Del Norte County. The particular area is notorious for its susceptibility to landslide activity. The risk assessment will help Caltrans narrow down long-term solutions for the area.

North Coast Journal

KHSU's Natalya Estrada talks with the North Coast Journal's Thadeous Greenson about how two black rodeo performers broke the color barrier in Humboldt County, nearly 30 years prior to Jackie Robinson in baseball. The story is written by two historians-Alexandra Service and Susan O’Hara-who describe what these two men endured in the 1920's Fortuna Rodeo. The article reflects the somewhat progressive past in the county but also detail how the region was and still is conflicted with racial bias and discrimination. 

Cannabis Connections

Jul 18, 2018
Humboldt Cannabis Magazine

Danielle Orr continues her conversation with PhD candidate Brenda Perez about her research on the socio-political climate of the cannabis industry. Brenda and Danielle delve into the particulars of this dynamic and ever-changing industry, north and south of the border.

New Wind Farm Off Humboldt's Coast?

Jul 18, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Thursday Night Talk explores the Redwood Coast Energy Authority's proposal to put a floating offshore wind farm off Humboldt's coast. The proposal, which would place floating wind turbines ~20-24 miles offcoast, would generate enough power to light all of Humboldt. Guests Lori Biodini of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority and Jen Kalt of Humboldt Baykeeper discuss the proposal and potential environmental impacts, both positive and negative.

For more information, please visit the Redwood Coast Energy Authority's website.

Humboldt State Athletics

The Humboldt State University Athletics Department announced the end of the HSU football program after 2018. HSU President Lisa Rossbacher said in a released statement that this was an unfortunate, but necessary step in addressing the University’s structural deficit and also protecting HSU’s core academic mission.  


From NPR

What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education

37 minutes ago

Fake news. Record-low voting turnout. Frequent and false claims from elected officials. Vitriol in many corners of political debate.

These are symptoms we hear of all the time that our democracy is not so healthy.

And those factors might be why many states are turning to the traditional — and obvious — place where people learn how government is supposed to work: schools. More than half of the states in their last legislative sessions — 27 to be exact — have considered bills or other proposals to expand the teaching of civics.

If you've been to a beach this summer, anywhere from Texas to the Carolinas, you've likely seen it. Masses of brown seaweed, sometimes a few clumps, often big mounds, line the shore. It's sargassum, a floating weed that's clogging bays and piling up on beaches in the Gulf and Caribbean.

On Miami Beach recently, Mike Berrier was enjoying the sun and the water, despite the sargassum weed.

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Copyright 2018 KQED. To see more, visit KQED.