[Advisory: Some of the content below maybe be considered graphic, bleak, and/or NSFW.]  

In this episode of My Favorite Lecture, Humboldt State history professor Ben Marschke paints a vivid picture of the spiritual, social, and economic factors that surrounded the witch hunts that led to an estimated 100,000 witch trials and 50,000 executions over hundreds of years. 

Demonology and epistemology collide as Marschke explores the "science" of witchcraft in the sixteenth century, placing witchcraft in the context of contemporary anxieties about gender, sexuality, and fertility.


You'll learn about popular handbook Malleus Maleficarum, which was basically the Oxford English Dictionary of how to spot, hunt, and try witches. 

The League of Women Voters of Humboldt County joins the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Humboldt County to present a series of forums on the intersection of mental illness and the criminal justice system. The first forum will take place in Eureka on Wednesday, November 2 at  the United Congregational Christian Church beginning at 7 p.m. Tim Ash and Mary Louise Lowry talk with Danielle Orr on the KHSU Homepage.  https://www.facebook.com/events/598789020300794/

Del Norte County Sheriffs Dept.

In this edition of North Coast Update, Susan Andrews covers:

  • An investigation into Wednesday's shooting in downtown Crescent City, in which Trenton Andrews is accused of trying to run over a man with his car, leading to another man allegedly shooting at Andrews' car
  • Local candidate fora for Supervisorial and School Board Trustee seats
  • A Brookings fundraiser for Hatian medical care and emergency relief

The 19th amendment was ratified a little less than 100 years ago, but few political events have brought the issues of women in the United States to the forefront like the 2016 presidential election.

On the next Thursday Night Talk, Linda Stansberry talks with guests about the role of women voters, what it's like to be a woman in the public eye, and which candidate will best address policy issues that will affect women. Tune in and call [707-826-4807] on October 27 beginning at 7.


HSU President Lisa Rossbacher highlights a collaborative initiative called the Equity Alliance of the North Coast.  This region-wide effort seeks to develop a more welcoming and supportive community -- the goal is to increase inclusion in our region.


Humboldt Hillbillies Facebook

Four friends collaborated to make Humboldt Hillbillies.  The cartoon depicts dysfunctional pot growing neighbors in the Southern Humboldt hills. 

Food For Thought

Matthew Schmit joins Jennifer Bell to talk about a new line of healthy artisan products from Humboldt's local Tofu Shop.


What is the role of "the media" in presidential elections? Can the media actually rig elections?  Tonight

on Thursday Night Talk, host Brenda Starr talks with HSU Journalism professor Marcy Burstiner about the role of media in politics, especially in this political season. Tune in and call in October 20 beginning at 7.

Humboldt Folk Dancers

Humboldt Folk Dancers present  The Bulgarian Folk Music Ensemble Bulgarika in Arcata. The group will be giving lessons on the kaval, tambura, tupan, and gadulka. Their performance is tonight at Redwood Raks World Dance Studio beginning at 7:30.


Danielle Orr talks with Humboldt State University librarians about the grand opening of the Humboldt Scholars Lab

The community is invited to explore this advanced digital library and lending center.

Come celebrate the opening:

October 24th  3:30-5pm    3rd Floor, HSU Library


From NPR

A jury awarded former Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary $7.3 million in damages on Thursday. McQueary was a key witness in the sexual abuse case against the head football coach, Jerry Sandusky. Jurors found that McQueary was defamed by the university after it became public that he reported that he saw Sandusky abusing a boy in a team shower.

A decade before the scandal broke in 2011, McQueary testified that he reported to Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno that he saw Sandusky engaged in a "clear" sex act with a young boy.

A jury has found all seven defendants not guilty of conspiracy and firearms charges linked to an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon earlier this year.

The defendants included brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the alleged leaders of the occupation that lasted nearly six weeks. They and five others were exonerated on the charges of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The former Rutgers University student whose roommate committed suicide six years ago after being recorded kissing another man pleaded guilty Thursday to a single count of attempted invasion of privacy.

Dharun Ravi, 24, admitted that he activated a secret video camera in order to record his roommate, 18-year-old freshman Tyler Clementi, with the belief that Clementi and another man were preparing to have sex.

Outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore., supporters of Ammon Bundy and his militia followers dress in traditional cowboy attire and wave American flags at passing cars. Some even ride a horse up and down the busy city sidewalk.

A block away, Jarvis Kennedy watches all of this and rolls his eyes.

"We don't claim to be victims, but we were," he says.