Eric Black

Morning Edition Host

Eric Black anchors weekday breaks during NPR's Morning Edition.  

He uses information provided by other media outlets to sprinkle local news stories throughout the broadcast.  In producing reports for another public radio program, Eric weaves gathered sound and anchored scripts to explore Humboldt County experience and expression.  He's currently broadening his audience by using video and animated graphics to tell local stories.

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Cal Trans

A crumbling stretch of Highway 101 south of Crescent City threatens to sever Del Norte County from the North Coast. Congressman Jared Huffman says stakeholders must unify behind an a single alternate route before seeking federal transportation dollars.  The North Coast Journal reports replacing Last Chance Grade could cost up to a billion dollars, and likely won't be completed before 2039. 

Get up and get down...without leaving home.  Fader features Humboldt DJs spinning live sets on your computer or phone.  This Saturday (March 25) at 2 PM, DJ D'Vinity and DJ RunDat will rock Facebook Live.

'ESPN Women's Hoops' tweeted a link to a Ferndale High School girls basketball video.  After participating in this year Handclap Hoopla Challenge, the team's coaching staff says they plan to to make the hype video an annual tradition.  

People's Entertainment

A freestyle rapper dropped in on Berel Alexander's impromptu airport concert.  1 million YouTube views later, the Redway resident is trying to track down the man who helped the video go viral. 

American Geophysical Union

The conversation was broadcast to a national audience on Thanksgiving during NPR's Morning Edition. Listen to the interview by clicking the blue audio button at the top left at this link.  

Click here for the unedited, 23 minute interview.

Humboldt Hillbillies Facebook

Four friends collaborated to make Humboldt Hillbillies.  The cartoon depicts dysfunctional pot growing neighbors in the Southern Humboldt hills. 

Humboldters will decide if rent control is warranted in the county's unincorporated areas.

A crime TV show profiled an unsolved Humboldt mystery: the disappearance of five women between 1993 and 2014.  

From the podcast's Facebook page

In September, The Humboldt Last Week Podcast began informally covering local news. Initial episodes featured an interview with the co-worker of a slain Fortuna firefighter, and a conversation with the daughter of a sex offender who supported her father's victim.    

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KZZH's Facebook page

Humboldt's new community radio station began broadcasting this month at 96.7 FM. KZZH is airing local government meetings, and will accept program submissions from the public.

Marina Cheney

Joe Kitchen has a newly remodeled home...thanks to a community that rallied behind him following a tragic loss.

Read Redheaded Blackbelt's full story here.

 Eureka voters will decide this fall whether to restrict voting for city councilmembers to residents of each member's ward.

Supporters says that would increase the power of minority voters and stave off lawsuits.

Watch the video here.