Yana Valachovic

  Yana Valachovic is an occasional host of Thursday Night Talk, a call-in talk show on KHSU every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. She likes to explore issue surrounding agriculture, forestry, natural resources management, and bring opportunities for community engagement in these topics.

For her day job, Yana works for the University of California in the Cooperative Extension program, based out of Eureka.

The loss of oak woodlands to native conifer encroachment is a major conservation concern in California, resulting in associated losses of wildlife habitat, traditional uses, biodiversity, and other ecosystem services. These concerns – compounded by development pressures, evolving understanding of fire’s role in California landscapes, and health threats like sudden oak death – have drawn increasing attention in recent years, and oak woodland conservation and restoration efforts have gained momentum.

Yana Valachovic

How could have so many homes and businesses burned so quickly in the Wine Country Fire? While the landscape can be the fuse, the homes really can be the most burnable part of the landscape. Even with record rainfall, 2017 turned out to have a very impactful wildfire season.

Yana Valachovic

Learn about local foods, farm to school programs, and food preservation in this episode of TNT.  Guests include Erin Derden-Little the Humboldt County Farm to School Coordinator, Linda Prescott the Humboldt County Office of Education Nutrition Program Coordinator, Laura Chase the Eureka City Schools Director of Food Services, and Ilene Harris, a local Master Food Preserver

What does a changing climate mean for North Coast fisherman and shellfish producers? 

Aquaculturalist Greg Dale, along with scientists Joe Tyburczy  and Erik Bjorkstedt (not pictured) discuss predicted impacts and mitigation.  

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