Chronologically Gifted: Kerry Hannon on Work in Later Life

Aug 3, 2017

Kerry Hannon
Credit Elizabeth Dranitzke, Photopia

Kerry Hannon offers specific advice for people thinking of embarking on an encore career:  “Start thinking at 50 what you might want to do at 55 or at 55 for (what you might want to do) at 60 because a career transition to an encore career does not happen overnight.  You have to plan for it."  People who successfully transition to an encore career in later life take their time, try out the job, reach out to people who are doing the job, and are as financially fit as possible.  

Kerry is an expert on career transitions, personal finance, and retirement; the author of a dozen books; and AARP’s Work and Jobs expert.  In 2015, she testified before the Senate Special Committee on Aging on Work in Retirement: Career Reinventions and the New Retirement Workscape.