Teatro Pachuco Kicks Off the Playhouse Family Fun Series

Mar 21, 2017

Former Los Payasos Mendigos, Rudi Galindo of Teatro Pachuco and David Ferney of The Arcata Playhouse tell us about the 11th Playhouse Family Fun Series. Believe It!

The Arcata Playhouse Family Fun Series kicks off it's 11th season of public and school performances of theater, storytelling, puppetry and more on March 24 & 25 with Teatro Pachuco. This Belgian troupe features clown and physical performer Rudi Galindo, of Los Payasos Mendigos, and Italian dancer/actress Lisa Da Boit. Their physical comedy, dance and silent film is described as one part Fellini, two parts Charlie Chaplin with a latin twist of acrobatic dexterity. More information at http://www.arcataplayhouse.org