How Can We Make the Redwoods More Inclusive?

Mar 8, 2018
Ruby Rodriguez / Latino Outdoors

Close your eyes and think of an "environmentalist." What do you see? If its an old white guy (probably with a beard and a walking stick), you are not alone! Environmentalism has a diversity problem. It's not that people of color don't care about the environment—polls show that they do, and at levels that surpass white people—but the environmental movement has not made space for their inclusion.

Latino Outdoors Offers Healing Through Agate Hunting

Dec 11, 2017

"My passion is creating opportunities and space for people to feel comfortable in the outdoors." Ruby Jean Rodriguez from the HSU Chapter of Latino Outdoors connects the Latino community with nature and outdoor experiences.

Thursday Night Talk: Diversity Outdoors

Jan 25, 2017

Is the wilderness welcoming to everyone? Why does that matter?

Ruby Jean Garcia, executive project coordinator with Latino Outdoors and educator/author /viral video star John Griffith discussed diversity in the outdoor space, nature-based parenting, and certifying Arcata as a wildlife-friendly zone.