Dr. Lori Dengler takes on the mistaken term "tidal wave" when referring to a tsunami.


Beautiful walks along the beach are possible any time of the year on the northcoast. 

Lori Dengler encourages us to be mindful of the unexpected "sneaker wave"... Lori discusses a bit about the science of these surprising occurrences among rather predictable sets of waves.

HSU Geology Dept.

Big wave surfers are in a class of their own. But Geologist Lori Dengler encourages sticking with giant waves generated by big storms. On this segment of Shaky Ground, Lori shares some of the science behind the nature of the utterly unrideable tsunami.

In this segment of Sound Ecology, Naturalist Carol Vander Meer highlights blooming dune flora in the Humboldt Bay region, including the endangered wallflower.