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  CLASSICAL: Celebrating contemporary U.S. composer Steve Reich’s 80th birthday, Reich’s first three albums, Music for 18 Musicians, Music for a Large Ensemble/Violin Phase/Octet, and Tehillim, originally released in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, have been reissued (The ECM Recordings) and are considered key works (Stereophile Magazine review).

From electronica to classic bolero, Music Director Mark Shikuma reviews new arrivals to the KHSU studios. 

From punk to classical, KHSU Music Director highlights new releases of interest to the KHSU listenership. 

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Here's the updated list of new music arrivals for the past week, shelved on April 30th. There's a large list this week, with 41 new titles.

For the month of April, we've added 173 new music titles in our New Music Arrivals section, in all genres.  Read on for recaps.