Mike Dronkers

Digital Communications Specialist

Mike Dronkers hosts In The Trees each Monday from 2pm-4pm and produces My Favorite Lecture and is an avowed dog person. 

He is a recipient of the national Edward R. Murrow radio documentary award, two Radio Advertising Production awards, two North Coast Journal "Best DJ" awards and several Lotto scratchers.

He works part-time as KHSU's Digital Communications Specialist, handling web, multimedia, and social media. 

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You may have heard Melody Walker and Front Country featured on All Things Considered last week. The former Arcatan arrived in Humboldt to study political science but was quickly swept into music. "I just got drawn into that scene because it was just so very vibrant." 

Now based in Nashville, she talks to KHSU about her political views, what local musicians should know, and what's on her vestigial Myspace page

Front  Country performs at Humbrews tonight and just released a new LP, Other Love Songs.

Join the studio audience for a recording of My Favorite Lecture April 13th at Plaza Grill in Arcata.  

Marisol Cortes-Rincon will cover the current problems with the archaeology of warfare; the continuity of conflict in Mesoamerica from the Late Preclassic through the Terminal Classic period; the influence of Teotihuacan during the Early Classic period throughout Mesoamerica; and more.

Not too long ago, Melody Walker could be seen on almost every Arcata stage, performing everything from twangy folk to calypso.

  NPR's Weekend Edition wants to hear from listeners living in rural America on "The Call-In" segment.  What issues are you facing? What resources do you need and what do you love about living in town? Call NPR at 202-216-9217, and leave a voice-mail with your full name, where you're calling from, and your question could be on Weekend Edition this Sunday starting at 7:00am on KHSU 90.5.

"Not a fun place. Jail sucks," says James Faulk. "The orange jumpsuits are really uncomfortable and everything smells like cleaner, like bleach."

The former Times-Standard reporter (and current Lost Coast Outpost contributor) talks with fellow T-S veteran Neil Tarpey and Linda Stansberry about local journalism, addiction, and recovery.

"Behavior is difficult to measure directly because we have to rely on what you tell us. You get upset when we try to watch you,” says Humboldt State's Melinda Meyers.

And when researchers base their gender studies using questionable assumptions, as you’re about to learn, that research gets a little dodgy. 


In this lecture, Myers lays out a fun-but-firm critique of sexuality research, and makes clear why it matters. 


UPDATE: CalTrans reports that 101 is back open, with 20-30 minute delays. 

Highway US 101 is closed in both directions about six miles north of Leggett. Weekend travelers and HSU spring breakers should also note travel restrictions on CA-299 and US 101 south of Crescent City.

According to Caltrans District 1:

"We hope to open it up to one-way traffic this afternoon. The slide has spilled over and brought down the catchment fence. If more rocks were to come down the hill, there would be no protection for vehicles below them."




2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein speaks at Humboldt State University. After about an hour of prepared remarks, she took audience questions for another hour covering a wide range of topics such as homelessness, Russia, and vaccinations.  

Be in the studio audience for a recording of My Favorite Lecture this Thursday evening at Plaza Grill in Arcata.  

Social values and beliefs affect the questions we ask, and the ways in which we seek to answer them.  This effect is readily apparent as it relates to the study of sexuality.  Dr. Myers' lecture will explore how feminist approaches to science encourage us to remember that our experience, expectations, and motivations affect every level of our work.  The method in its purest form may be objective, but we have not demonstrated the ability to apply it to questions of human behavior without implicit bias.  

My Favorite Lecture is an interdisciplinary lecture series in which Humboldt State educators share some of their favorite material with a live community audience in downtown Arcata, California. A Taste of Arcata appetizer reception, courtesy of Arcata Main Street, precedes the lecture. 


For the next few days, KHSU-BBC may experience temporary audio dropouts due to a solar outage.

What's a solar outage? Each year when the sun passes behind the transmission satellite, that satellite's Earthbound downlink receiver is briefly unable to receive a satellite signal due to electromagnetic interference. 

Just like sunrise and sunset times, these solar outages are predictable. Northern California's solar outage window is March 3 - 6, at around 1:36 p.m.


What are we getting right when it comes to the science of climate change? What are we getting wrong? In this episode of My Favorite Lecture, Dr. Rich Boone takes you on a fact-based jaunt through one of today's most pressing issues. 

UPDATE: This episode will air Wednesday, March 1st at 7pm.

Can't listen live?  Subscribe to the My Favorite Lecture podcast via iTunes.


Although rapid global climate change is not unusual, the current warming is unprecedented.  Explore what it all means during a taping of My Favorite Lecture on Wednesday, February 15th at Plaza Grill. We kick off season 2  with Climate Change: Facts, Fiction, and Forecasts. 

 Humboldt State's Richard Boone brings a wealth of experience to the podium — he has a strong background in forest ecology, biogeochemistry, and trans-national Arctic education.

Last Night's Thursday Night Talk was covered by the Times-Standard's Natalya Estrada. Read it here.

Courtesy Tony Eggel

The rains have raised local river flows across KHSU's listening area. Stay up to date on weather conditions from the National Weather Service's Eureka office.  CalTrans reports that CA-211 into Ferndale is currently closed. According to NWS's Advanced Hydrological Prediction office, local river levels are expected to fall after this morning's crest. 

Eureka homeless advocate Betty Chinn has been nominated for Californian of the Year by the New York Times, pitting her against celebrities, politicians, and activists.